3 different types of saw blade

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There are different types of saw blades. They vary in styles and sizes hence the need to consider the material you intend to cut before buying the blade. Saw blades perform best when used for the specific cutting operation they have been designed for. Let’s look at 3 different types of saw blade;

Diamond saw blades

A diamond saw blade is a circular steel disc commonly used for cutting and grinding extremely hard, abrasive and dense materials like concrete. The blade contains tiny diamond crystals to enable the blade slice through rough materials. They are suitable for cutting materials like; porcelain, stones, concrete, marble and other construction materials. Before you make the purchasing decision, you need to consider the material you intend to cut. The intensity, size and the quality of materials to be cut determines your blade choice. In addition, you should consider the bond aspect of the blade i.e. how soft or how hard is the blade. However, most of the saw blades are hard-bonded making them very effective in cutting concrete when still green.

Blades with high diamond content are more expensive but more durable. It’s recommended that the blade be used with water. The concrete saws have a special nozzle to supply the blade with water. The diamond saw blade should be cooled to make it last longer. Water is important since it also reduces dust when cutting concrete. These blades should also be given time to cool down since overheating affects the blade durability.

Circular saw blades

They are designed to be used in specific types of saws. The blades are manufactured to be used in cutting different materials. These materials include; plywood, aluminum, laminates etc. In addition, they come with a printed application of where they should be used. This helps the user to do easy identification. Based on your project ,you should consider the laser cut feature of the blade. However, you should look at the hooking angle that matches your project needs. Circular saw blades with more teeth give a cleaner cut. Blades with fewer teeth are good at cutting rough materials. The blades that have fewer teeth give larger gullets and reduce clogging. These blades have an expansion slot to facilitate expansion when the blade is hot. Further, the slot gives room for contraction hence preventing the blade from warping. Blades that are coated tend to last longer. It’s recommended that you use the blades for their specific purpose to avoid changing them more often and for excellent results.

Ceramic tile saw blades

They are made of steel. These blades are more expensive than other normal blades and are suitable for cutting ceramic tiles. Before buying the blades, it’s important to consider the blade capacity i.e. the maximum depth the blade is expected to cut through. For deep cutting, large blades should be used. Likewise, shallow cutting requires small blades. Large blades are suitable for cutting large ceramic tiles. Further, small blades are lighter and easier to use hence suitable for cutting small ceramic tiles. Some come with advanced technology giving high cutting performance and noise reduction feature. Others have reinforced diamond edges that give free chip cuts.

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